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Dream Team App: Illumina by Kiwisan13 Dream Team App: Illumina by Kiwisan13

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Name: Julia Penelope Melvin
Nickname: Jules, Julie, Lumi, Loom

Age: 15 (s1), 20-21 (s2)
Birthday: March 3rd
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Gender: cis female
Sexual Orientation: biromantic homosexual
She was born in Central California to Maria and Liam Melvin. Her childhood was very stable, financially and emotionally- her parents loved her and got along and were able to fund her schooling and interests. She started practicing fencing at a young age and space was her gateway drug to science. She was a real astronomy wiz! Throughout her childhood she was on the quieter side, getting involved in the social life of her school without being really noticeable. She wasn’t considered to be a ‘loser’ but she definitely wasn’t ‘miss popular’.

    She was nine when her powers became active- at an extremely inopportune time. She was in class when she sneezed and shot out a blast of light. Luckily no one was hurt, but everyone was immediately afraid of her. Her parents immediately took her out of school and focused all of their attention on finding someone to teach her how to get it under control. They were concerned for her well being, of course, but they were also very worried about what the community would think. Their intentions were a little selfish, which she learns of later and it sours her relationship with them a little. They were finally able to find a hero who had a similar power- Dr Light, Kimiyo Hoshi. Dr Light was a scientist, a renowned astronomer, whose work exposed her to radiation that gave her powers. Dr Light lived in Japan, so off to Japan Julia went.

    Dr Light did not want to take Julia on as a student, but the League’s persuasion, the

Melvin’s money, and Julia’s affinity with astronomy eventually won her over.When Universe threatening forces brought Dr Light into the crime fighting game again, Julia went too. At this point, she’d heard all about sidekicks popping up in America online, and she wanted to be like them. She didn’t really know how to fight, but she could just her powers and that’d be enough, right? Wrong.

    Julia soon realized she needed more experience than the exercises Dr Light had her run through. With rapidly developing abilities, the desire to test the expanding limits grew so much she couldn’t resist! She snagged an old, thrashed costume, modified it, and took to the streets. A year passed, Dr. Light found out, was furious, and hauled her back to America. To the Hall of Justice.
There she was surprised to find the other sidekicks, the people she’d idolized for years, the people she only dreamed of being like. It was the coolest thing ever- soured only a little by Dr Light dumping her like a sack of potatoes. Mentorless with the span of the entire country separating her from her home, she was relieved when the other League members took her in with the rest of the sidekicks. When the sidekicks rebelled, she tagged along. She was in over her head and she realized that, but hey, why not? She couldn’t pass up the opportunity, it was everything she was working for! And what was the alternative, anyways?

About Her


    She’s quiet and more reserved in general. She enjoys socializing greatly, but she doesn’t like being the center of attention (as Illumina it’s the complete opposite, she’s supposed to be the center of attention to be a good distraction, but she doesn’t talk much which is the important distinction). She plays up the timid, socially anxious and awkward persona more when she’s around people who don’t know her alternate persona. She stands to the back and to the side, doesn’t look people in the eye, doesn’t make fusses.

    Around her teammates she has a more subtle sense of humor. She leaves the jokes to the pranksters, instead she tries to fill the motherly-support role in the group. She’s loyal and dependable and fiercely protective, even when it makes absolutely no sense and is even a hinderance/annoyance. When she gets angry, she gets cold. She has control of herself and says nasty things without raising her voice, then leaves the situation and cries. She’s very anxious and very stressed in general, and falls prey to her own doubt, panic, and fears quite often. Especially at the start of the team, she lacks a lot of real experience so she gets scared and overwhelmed and has to work hard to move past it.

Occupation: s1-student/hero(vigilante); s2- student/barista/hero(vigilante)

- fencing
- cherry blossoms
- stargazing & telescope
- books
-alternative music
-ripped skinny jeans
-oatmeal raisin cookies
-bitter drinks

- complete silence
- smog
- uncertainty/indecision
- feeling fear
- feeling uncontrollably angry
- sweet tea
- cyclamen

Hobbies: fencing, scrapbooking, weaving
Fears: the dark, failure, death
Talents: nice singing voice, can wiggle nose & ears


Height: 5’5”
Skin Tone: tan, more yellow undertone
Eye Color: very dark brown
Hair Description: naturally it’s dirty brown in color and very thick and wavy. she dyes it a lot, since june of 2010 for a few reasons. one is that it helps her hide her identity and two because she likes it. the wig she uses as illumina is brown and straight and falls down to her shoulders.


Father: Liam Melvin
Mother: Maria Ricci-Melvin
Siblings: none
Best Friends: Zatanna, Conner, Garfield but in a sibling way(?)

Friends: Dick, Artemis, Kaldur, Wally, Raquel, Mal

-she’s friends with most of the team (s1 & s2) and the only person she has a kind of strained relationship with is Lagaan, but if they had a Tango: Maureen moment they’d be golden. The ones listed are very close though

Hero Information

Code Name: Illumina
Place of Origin: Kagoshima
Residence: Happy Harbor
Affiliations: The Team (s1), The Justice League (last half of s2), Dr Light (pre-s1)
Powers and Abilities:

-Photokinesis: control over all forms of light sources, without relying on equipment, and the ability to absorb all forms of illumination as energy


-Fencing: if you ever need someone to fight in a duel, she’s your girl
Weapons: epee, hand blasts, as an adult she’s able to form hardlight constructs (hardlight epee, gauntlets, shield)
Extra Information


-“Really? The Light? That’s my thing.”

-“Oh, blast.”

-”This could be solved with aggressive jazz-hands.”
Theme Song: “The State of Dreaming” by Marina and the Diamonds
Food: oatmeal raisin cookies
Drink: overly strong black tea
Color: teal
Animal: salamanders

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Estrella-Angel Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like how it looks like she scratched out Dr.Light with a marker herself :XD:
Kiwisan13 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, im glad you like it!
Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Kiwisan13 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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