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in my chest creeping up my throat
a squeeze, a jump,
blood pumps
flees my head in a rush
it hurts
in my jaw
in the cavity filled with slush
i bite my tongue
and rearrange words that came off
wrong years
and years
a cycle i cannot break
that i cannot fix
or understand
why these words are not enough
why are we both not enough?
:iconkiwisan13:Kiwisan13 1 0
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Dream Team Timeline

Hello, guys!
So Estrella-Angel thought it'd be useful to have a timeline so everyone can make sense of where their OCs are at certain points in time. Having nothing but time on my hands, I began to make one.
You can find it here!
Folder members are able to edit their OC's important events in. With births, I ask you to check to see if your OC was added in and if it was added into the right year first.
Please add in specific events such as when your OC gained their powers, when they became a hero, when they were born, when they joined the team, etc., etc.. If your OC is a legacy from hero parents and/or grandparents, please feel free to add those in too.
To get the edit link, please note me (MistressTerrible).
Thanks guys!

:icondreamteam-ocs:DreamTeam-OCs 6 9
OC Biography Template
One sentence description:
Full Name:
Reason for name:
Reason for nickname:
Place of Birth:
Currently living in:
Blood Type:
Sexual Orientation:
Social Status:
Relationship Status:
Body Build:
Skin colour:
Hair style:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Distinguishing Features:
Preferred Clothing:
General health:
Any physical illnesses?:
Any mental illnesses?:
Take drugs?:
Mental/Emotional State
Mental age:
Act before thinking/Think before acting?:
Emotion-wise, generally:
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Making a Naruto OC
Naming your OC: Some people find that naming your OC before designing them, choosing their abilities, choosing their personality, etc. is easier than creating the character. I usually do this step last. Anyways, it's important to understand how the Japanese choose their children's name. Naruto doesn't take place in Japan but it is based in an Eastern Asian culture and world. Japanese people don't have middle names. Also the Japanese don't usually name their children after a relative or themselves. They usually take a kanji from whomever's name they want to give their child. For example, if the father's name is Daiki the son might get the kanji "dai" and might be named Daisuke. Some names that are ridiculously common among Naruto OCs are Ookami, Tori, Yuki, Akuma, Kumiko, Mai, Yumi, Kiyo, Kyo, Nami Yuri, Ai, Ken, Dan, Kei, Keiko, Chi, Emi, Emiko (I do have one but I chose it for the meaning. ^^; ) Akiko, Sora, Ryu, Rin, Rei, Tora, Yuu, Amaya, Aka, Kuro (I'm such a hypocrite), Gen, 
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100 / 200
I think the points for extra characters in commissions would go here? Still super new to this

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Full Body Kind of Chibi
Please leave a link to the character's reference sheet or a detailed written description

no anthros and no mechas 
full color bust of a character

no anthros (because i cant draw them :( when i learn this will change)



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hey-o im kierstan and i like a lot of things but what i draw is a lot of ocs
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


LA Application: Agata Bello
mermaid form:


Name: Sokanon ; Agata Bello
Nickname(s): Fresh Finz
Creature: Mermaid (lavo litus)
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Nationality: Panamanian
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic Demisexual
Abilities: Underwater breathing, can grow legs/a tail, night vision


Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Foam green
Skin Tone: Dark sepia brown; with a tail it's more reddish and has red and silver scales
Height: 5'9"
Tattoos/Markings: (when submerged in water) freckles are luminescent
Piercings: n/a
Scars/Birthmarks: Her hands have faint burn scars from hot stoves and pans, as she was slow on learning that hot things burn.

Other Features: freckles on face and body ; scales form patches on her arms and sides when she has a tail

        Lorem Acadeny information

House: Pavo
Year: 7th
Room mate: (tbd)


Father: n/a
Mother:  Mavaras (biological); Estefina Bello (adopted)
Siblings: n/a
Best Friend: (open to connections)
Love Interest: (open to connections)


    - swimming
    - meeting new people
    - latin class
    - fruity drinks
    - dry heat
    - being ignored
    - bitter food
    - worms


Agata is a very confident young lady, as she's heard many tales about mermaid's attractive qualities and took them to heart. One might say she's too confident, as criticism is usually brushed off since she's obviously great (in her mind). That also translates into stubborness, because when she makes up her mind about something, that's it. She can admit that she isn't all-knowing, since she always wants to learn more, but if she learns something it's hard for her to unlearn it. She's also quite reckless in her pursuits, either for knowledge or affection. What is at the top of a bookshelf, she might ask and proceed to climb up it to see.  She's very honest about her thoughts and is very blunt about sharing them.

Sokanon spent the first 5 years of her life in the ocean with her mother and other band of mermaids. They traveled the coast of South America and the Caribbean, never spending too long in the same stretch of ocean. When they were staying near Haiti, an unusually strong current swept her away when the rest of the band wasn't paying attention. She was carried close to Central America, and she wound up swimming to Panama.

There she was taken in by the , and grew up with them. She took the name Agata and grew up among humans for a majority of her life. However, her guardian fell ill and eventually passed on, but had arranged for Agata to go to Lorem Academy after their death.


        Roleplay preferences

Script or paragraph: para is preferred
platforms:  skype, discord, da notes
genre: everything except for intense gore and horror


Hobbies: playing checkers, yoga,
Fears: pyrophobia, thanatophobia, vermiphobia
Talents: doing tricks underwater, learns languages quickly, always makes lemonade perfectly
LA: Mischievious

lorrie and blaise aren't doing anything wrong yet but i'm sure they'll get into trouble soon. somehow.
not used to cel shading it's kind of messy.
LA: Lorrie

she isnt a particularly angry person but she's bad w volume control
off screen blaise is sassing her
in my chest creeping up my throat
a squeeze, a jump,
blood pumps
flees my head in a rush
it hurts
in my jaw
in the cavity filled with slush
i bite my tongue
and rearrange words that came off
wrong years
and years
a cycle i cannot break
that i cannot fix
or understand
why these words are not enough
why are we both not enough?
a quick, bad poem
i thought it would make me feel better but i dont think i will
but poems are fun to write at least
Illumina, Mistressa, Feverburn, and another lady
jk if she took a super hero name, the lady would be 'batallion' but i wanted to keep the theme going.

lumi, mis, and fever are all yj based, bat is dceu (specifically wonder woman) based

ill edit this later to add bios and links to bios 
So. It's been four years since I joined DA (3 days after my 13th birthday only because I had trouble signing up). I was in 8th grade and NOW I'm finished with high school and a year of college. Just waiting to actually graduate in a few weeks but I'm finished with classes.

It's kind of crazy looking back on all the changes in who I am (and my art) and even though it's been hard at some points, I'm happy with it. 

I'd draw something in celebration but I'm in a stupid artblock. So!! Hopefully it clears up soon, I have a lot of time to draw now which is WONDERFUL!!!

Hope everyone is having a good time. If there's anything exciting you want to talk about, hit me up!!! Grow the excitement :D 
  • Listening to: PettyPaige (a drama channel XD)
  • Reading: The Reckoning
  • Watching: Sense8
  • Playing: Skyrim / Wizard 101 (soon i hope)
  • Drinking: Izze


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